Children of the Black Skirt


Three lost children stumble across an abandoned orphanage in the bush. They become trapped in a timeless world, haunted by spirits from the past. They are tormented, too, by the Black Skirt, a cruel governess who floats up and down the orphanage corridors wielding enormous scissors. But as the stories of these forgotten children are told— from pick pocketing incidents in the eighteenth century to the tragedies of the Stolen Generations in the twentieth— their spirits are released, one by one.


“Three actresses make light work of the script and the demand for multiple roles; it was something of a visual feast to watch the various physical contortions they used in an endeavour to replicate a very overweight woman, an orphanage inspector and several different young children.” Arts Hub

“This work explores incredibly important aspects of Australian history and is rapidly becoming cult viewing for young audiences across Australia…” Sally Chance, Come Out Festival Director 2004

“A fantastic performance, thought provoking, very necessary subject matter to be discussed, such a clever production, excellent cast.” Pastor Kathryn Koning, Immanuel Lutheran College


Writer: Angela Betzien
Director: Leticia Caceres
Composer: Pete Goodwin (The Sweats)
Designer: Tanja Beer
Lighting Designer: Lisa Mibus
Cast: Louise Brehmer, Jodie Le Vesconte, Melodie Reynolds (2009)
Photographer: Stephen Henry (production 2004 with actor Janine Matthews)

Past Seasons

RAV Arts2GO – July 26th – August 14th, 2009
Abbotsford Convent – August 13th – 14th, 2009